A Letter From The Filmmaker

Dear Athletes and Artists,

This is my most personal film. The themes it explores come directly out of my own experiences as a Division 1 Hockey Player and as a filmmaker striving to achieve excellence but struggling to conform to environments that stifled creativity and freedom of self-expression.

I realized that the athletes and artists who have inspired me most never compromised on their creative vision or their values. These icons, our real-world superheroes, reimagine what is possible, find joy in their creative process, and use their unique qualities to achieve the extraordinary.

Youth sports and child development is at a crossroads. As more kids join sports leagues and pursue the arts, the pressure to specialize comes at a younger age. Training hours increase, and kids lose the freedom to play.

My mission with this film is to inspire a movement that encourages creativity, freedom, and positivity as the foundations of greatness. With your support, we hope to spark positive change for the next generation of young athletes and artists.

Gabe Polsky