The IN SEARCH OF GREATNESS team is organizing free digital screening events for educational and sports groups. IN SEARCH OF GREATNESS is a life changing film that offers a unique look into the genius of the greatest athletes of all time. Director Gabe Polsky states: My mission with this film is to inspire a movement that encourages creativity, freedom, and positivity as the foundations of greatness. With your support, we hope to spark positive change for the next generation of young students, athletes and artists.

In these difficult times we need to find creative solutions and continue to inspire and educate our communities. It is impossible to play team sports or be in the classroom at the moment, but that doesn’t mean the learning ends. The extended closure of schools and the suspension of training and competition offers a unique opportunity for students and athletes to discover the positive benefits that creativity and play have on becoming great.

If you’d like to host a digital screening of the film, you will be provided with a free password protected link to the film to share with your organization. The link will be active for 72hrs, and the film is also available on iTunes, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and more. We would like to work with you to make this an engaging experience for your community. At the end of this screening window we would love to work with you to organize a live Q+A with an influential member of your community and/or with Director Gabe Polsky.

For more information or to organize one of these educational screenings please email